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Biofibre – high technology hair implant system

Biofibre Hair Implant technology is a safe, simple and light outpatient procedure of cosmetic surgery, which is performed using specially developed and manufactured by Medicap company implant instruments (Adjustable and Automatic implanters) that carefully grip Biofibre reversible knots and implant hairs one by one into an anesthetized scalp without any pain or discomfort for the patient to obtain the desired thickness of hair.

Biofibre® — biocompatible synthetic hair, that do not differ from the look of natural hair, and can be found in color, length (from 15 to 45 cm) and style (straight, wavy, curly).

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Our studies showed the same changes in patients without infectious complications as in patients with inflammatory complications, except for when there was a presence of inflammatory infiltrate.
We believe that the hair implantation technique will become more prevalent in the future and will allow treating alopecia (baldness) and scars on the scalp with satisfactory cosmetic and psychological results.
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